Membership in Nalandabodhi Akasha

Once you have participated in some online programs and meditation practices or explored our classes, you may wish to make a stronger connection to Nalandabodhi. In doing so, you will have support from the Akasha community as you continue your journey along the path, and you will support Nalandabodhi’s international activities.  Nalandabodhi Akasha is the online community for Nalandabodhi members and friends who do not live near a land-based center. You can find a complete list of Nalandabodhi centers on our international website.

Becoming a member of Nalandabodhi is easy! We meet you where you are in your personal journey and introduce you to our family of diverse practitioners. We welcome anyone as a member, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or background. Together, we focus on creating and nurturing an inclusive, kind community.

Members of Nalandabodhi enjoy friendship and collaboration, and often contribute their unique skills to help the organization and to benefit others. In fact, members are key to Nalandabodhi’s success as a nonprofit organization. We invite you to participate in any way that meets your individual interests and availability.

The Akasha center offers live online meditation practice and study classes on the Zoom platform throughout the year. We also broadcast teachings from Nalanda West in Seattle and from other Nalandabodhi centers. Whether you join Nalandabodhi or not, you can receive email announcements of all online Nalandabodhi programs by subscribing to our mailing list here.

Formal Membership

Membership is vital to maintaining Nalandabodhi Akasha. Members contribute financially on a regular and ongoing basis. Our suggested membership contribution is $40/month, or $32 for seniors. Membership for high school and college students is free! Some members may be able to pay more, and others less. Everyone is welcome at the contribution level that they can best afford, and no one is ever turned away for a lack of funds. Please contact Akasha’s Member Care Coordinator for more information or to set up monthly offerings of any amount.

Member Benefits

In appreciation of our members, we offer several benefits:

  • Discounts on select programs and courses
  • Early registration on select public programs
  • Access to members-only events and teachings
  • Discounts on certain Nalanda Store items
  • Personalized guidance with a certified Practice Instructor. Our PIs work with Akasha members via Skype or Zoom.
  • Nalandabodhi members who are in good standing and who are formal students of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche are invited to attend our annual sangha retreat.

Open Participation

Membership participation is flexible, allowing members to engage in ways that fit with their interests and schedule. Formal membership is not required to participate in our community activities. We welcome your participation in any way that suits you. Please visit our Donation page to find other ways to contribute financially.

Path of Meditation

We encourage members to engage in a regular meditation practice with guidance from a Practice Instructor, who is an experienced practitioner and personal mentor who can suggest classes and readings to strengthen your Buddhist practice. Opportunities for online group practice are available weekly, and large practices (like the annual Tara Drupchen) are often webcast.

Path of Study

A unique and priceless opportunity exists in the online courses we offer. The Nalandabodhi Study Path was developed by our teacher, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, and is available in an online, self-paced, modular program presenting a comprehensive series of courses in Buddhist studies. This curriculum adapts for the understanding of Western audiences the traditional teachings offered in Tibetan Buddhist educational academies. There are also opportunities to engage with others participating in the online study curriculum.  Click here for more information,  or you can contact the online study team.

Path of Mindful Activity

The third of the Nalandabodhi paths reminds us to bring into our daily lives the Buddhist principles we study and the meditation we practice. Our experiences change as we carry out mundane activities with mindfulness and awareness, and we are more beneficial to the world and all sentient beings. The Akasha Center offers online Zoom classes using the Path of Mindful Activity study manual, and we encourage our members and other participants to commit to some activity that will help further the goals of the Nalandabodhi global sangha and our teacher.

Since the Akasha community is spread around the world, most of our mindful activity takes place online. We have ongoing opportunities for people knowledgeable about or willing to be trained in how to use our social media (Zoom, Mailchimp, Facebook, WordPress, etc.) and/or how to lead online meditation practices. Your mindful activities contribute to the flourishing of your personal practice and the wider Nalandabodhi sangha, including Akasha. Please contact our POMA coordinators for more information.