Be Wise, Go Kind, Live Fully.

Welcome to Nalandabodhi Akasha

A space for meditation. A center for study. A virtual village that supports your desire to live more fully. Our global, web-based  community is all these things.

Nalandabodhi Akasha is the online home to a community of people who embrace the ancient yet timeless wisdom of the Buddha. We offer weekly online meditation practice (often followed by lively discussions), online classes in Buddhist philosophy, and webcasts of teachings from around the world. The benefits of these practices and studies are relevant and applicable to our everyday lives.

The name “Akasha” (a-KA-sha) was given to the Nalandabodhi online community by our spiritual leader, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche. It means “sky” in Sanskrit, emphasizing the vastness and clarity of the sky—and all the possibilities that Nalandabodhi Akasha has to offer.

Whether you are interested in starting a meditation practice or have been a student of Buddhism for many years, we invite you to join us.

Path of Study

Study helps you understand your life and the choices you make with greater precision and awareness.

Path of Meditation

Meditation opens your mind so you can get to know and accept yourself, and then experience the world with greater kindness and compassion.

Path of Mindful Activity

Mindful activity makes every moment meaningful, allowing you to find joy in every aspect of your life and interactions with others.


Everyone is welcome.