Path of Mindful Activity

Integrate study and meditation into everyday life and cultivate greater kindness for oneself and others.

We can make every moment meaningful by bringing the conceptual clarity of study and the experiential base of meditation into our daily lives.

The Path of Mindful Activity bridges study and meditation and incorporates them into every aspect of our existence in concrete and practical ways. Nalandabodhi’s POMA provides a variety of exercises and techniques for being present during life’s experiences, whether they are routine activities, difficult situations, major life transitions—or moments of joy or great bliss.

To directly support our teacher and our community, we practice the Path of Mindful Activity when we do our work shift during a retreat or program or when we help the sangha in other ways. Akasha students can practice this type of mindful activity by performing service to keep our web-based sangha healthy and functioning. Even if you only have an hour a month to offer, we welcome your participation. You can see some of the opportunities for service here or you can contact Akasha’s POMA coordinators to offer your skills.

Nalandabodhi Centers and members also bring mindful activity into the world by supporting the broader communities in which we live. Our #GoKind projects include volunteering at shelters, working with homeless and disadvantaged youth, providing food to those in need, environmental work, and visiting and supporting the elderly.

All of our actions, whether they remain on the level of thought or are expressed in speech or bodily action, have some kind of impact on the mind.

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche