Path of Mindful Activity Weekly Workshop Series

 “Anything we do can be part of the Path of Mindful Activity, but not everything is.” Beginning on Sunday, October 18, 2020, at 3:00pm PT, Nalandabodhi Akasha will host an ongoing series of 30-minute workshops titled “PoMA Here and Now.” The Path of Mindful Activity supports our aspiration to be fully present, with positive motivation, in each moment–yes, even this one!

Mitra Mark Power will present the first two workshops in this series (on October 18 and 25), which will offer simple practices for embodying the view and extending the reach of our meditation.

Mitra Mark will introduce the essential points of the Path of Mindful Activity in his two talks. He says that his presentations “may include textual references, poetry, and creative applications of the dharma in daily life.” Other workshop leaders in the PoMA series will include sangha members Genko Kathy Blackman, Rosemary Bakker, Ellen Balzé, Diane Crawford, and Midori Nakamura.

To register and receive the Zoom link (the same link will be used for all of the orkshops), please email Ellen Balzé ( Join us for a few sessions or many. There are no prerequisites. All are welcome!

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